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The Bathtime Box

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Everything you need for bathtime except the kitchen sink, or tub - whatever floats your boat. See what we did there? We put together the perfect mix of essentials and gear to create a fun and relaxing bath time experience...


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Everything you need for bathtime except the kitchen sink, or tub - whatever floats your boat. See what we did there? We put together the perfect mix of essentials and gear to create a fun and relaxing bath time experience for everyone. 


Puj Hooded Towel 
Puj 3-pack washcloths 
Ubbi Bath Toys 
Tiny Human™ Supply Co Hot Mess Baby Shampoo & Wash
Tiny Human™ Supply Co Busy Body Lotion
Puj Treads 
New People Company Silicone Bath Hair & Body Scrub Duck 

Puj Hug Hooded Infant Towel 

The Puj Infant Towel is made of a thick ultra-soft cotton that makes drying baby a breeze. The Hug has two silicone tabs that interlock around the neck to allow you to have two free hands to pick baby up, keeping you dry. All parts are machine washable. 

**Busy Mom Tip: The Puj towel is designed to attach around your neck using the green hanging tags. This makes picking up the tiniest of babies easy and keeps you dry. The all white color makes bleaching out any stains a breeze! This towel is also one of the softest we have come across as parents. 

Puj Washcloths 

A set of 3 washcloths made of the same thick ultra soft cotton as the Infant Towel. Measuring 11” by 8.5” they are gentle on sensitive baby skin and faces.

**Busy Mom Tip: These are great to wet and use to clean up baby during mealtimes. Easy to clean and eco-friendly! 

Ubbi Cloud and Droplet Bath Toys 

Set of 2 bath toys, one cloud and one water droplet, equipped with small holes that allow for your own in-tub rainstorm! Ergonomically designed for little hands, easy to open, fill with water and close to let the “rain” fall. These are dishwasher safe making them a perfect pick for parents to keep tub toys clean! 

Playful Mom Tip: Use these to wet babies hair, rinse away shampoo and engage with baby in the tub. We love them because they are super easy to clean ensuring a mold free tub experience for all! 

Tiny Human™ Supply Co Hot Mess Baby Body Wash & Shampoo 

8oz of a gentle all-in-one wash available in three incredible combinations. No artificial fragrances, sulfates, phthalates, parabens or dyes making this a safe choice for babies and toddlers alike. Made in the USA. Going vegan? Opt for Unscented or Lavender & Chamomile. 

**Why we love it - I mean let’s be honest, 90% of the time our babies are Hot Messes! As babies begin cruising, nibbling and engaging with our world, they will get into more than we realize. Tiny Humans offer a gentle formula and packaging that looks beautiful in any bathroom. 

Tiny Human™ Supply Co Busy Body Baby Lotion

8 oz of premium baby lotion made with no artificial fragrance, sulfates, phthalates, parabens or dyes. This lotion is available in 3 scent options Unscented, Lavender & Chamomile and Milk & Honey to best suit your baby. pH balanced to be gentle on sensitive newborn skin. 

**More Reasons to Love: Cute packaging aside, Tiny Human™ Supply Co donates 1 meal for every product purchased and focuses on vegan/organic formulas so you can feel good about what you’re buying. 

Puj Bath Treads in Watercolor or Marble

Set of 6 Puj bath treads made from BPA/PVC material that strongly adhere to tubs surface for a slip free bathing experience. Gentle on babies skin, with a low profile making them easy to clean to keep your tub safe and squeaky clean. Beautiful enough to enjoy in the kids bathroom or mom and dads. Easy to remove without damaging the tubs surface. Available in Watercolor for a pop of fun or Marble for a more understated look.

**Why we love them: They are a fun addition to any bath and work well beyond the first year. They are great for keeping infant tubs in place, keeping early crawlers and movers safe from slips and are fun for big brother or sister to engage with in bathtub games. They are low profile making cleaning over and around them painless versus larger bath mats that can trap junk and grime.



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